What the hell is petrichor?

Derived from latin words for "stone" and "fluid that flows through the immortals" petrichor is used to describe the sweet smell that eminates from the earth after the first rain in a while. The scent actually comes from an oil released from the earth actually just before it rains, and when we're tuned in, we can describe it as "the smell of rain". Scientists speculate that this intuition was born from ancestors that relied on good rainfall for harvest and survival.

I thought this might encapsulate well what I hope to share here...the environment and the ability to live as an authentic and connected female and mother feels to me like we have been experiencing drought (and heavy rainfall, extreme heat, etc., etc.). But I am grateful for the enlightenment that seems to arise in pockets of humanity, my beautiful family, along with learning, growing, and being challenged by a group of strong women around me. I suppose this is the petrichor. These will be our stories and perspectives, and I hope to host these voices through vignettes, essays, quips, memes, jokes, and whatever else we might need to clear our throats.

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