We’re so tiny

I’m so grateful to be in Acadia National Park this week with my family. No doubt there are many beautiful things about humanity, but in this lifetime and likely many others I need nature. We all do, right? Because we are nature. How is that so often forgotten? That everything we need to survive: air, water, food, shelter is provided by the Earth? When I was doing environmental education for children often as part of my job, I would ask the kids if we were mammals. “Noooo” they would mostly answer in uniform, eyes wide and shaking their heads vehemently. I would make a joke and say “ok, are we robots then? Plastic?”, and they would realize how absurd the notion of not being an animal is. But how many adults have forgotten?

I can always feel my jaw and body getting tight when I need a break from the human world. I’m more easily irritated, and I seem to subconsciously throw myself at human issues. I’ve learned drama when you’re tired can be used as a quick form of energy, like gossip or telling yourself stories. When tired and stressed, I voraciously research climate change, women’s rights, and environmental issues, finding what all sides are saying, who voted on what, see which generations are most informed and what their general perspective is and then project voter turnout, find which organizations are taking act, then ultimately what can I do to effect change in what I perceive to be the right direction.

Whew, it’s exhausting. It’s at that time I realize I need a break, and need to go back to the healing and lush green embrace of the earth. This morning, we woke to a bald eagle preening himself for 2 hours, his perch a solid pine branch in a sea of spruce. Tonight the crickets are humming, an osprey just made her last chirps of the day as she settles into her spruce scented roost, and we can hear seals splashing in the cove. We looked up and the stars are so bright and infinite, the Milky Way is a hazy reminder that this earth, this lifetime is one within billions within billions. My brain gets to its reaches of comprehension and then I start to feel such a calm. We are so tiny, and it is so reassuring 💚✨

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