Time for Solar

I have been sick the past few days, thankfully tested negative for Covid, but wiped out. It’s been very hot but uncharacteristically I have not really stepped foot outside for 2 days.

This afternoon as I was getting out of the shower I felt a little lightheaded and sat down on the side of the tub as I dried my hair. That’s when I heard the thrumming. A pulsing and strong sort of “whom…whom…whom…”. At first I felt mesmerized by it, and closed my eyes. But then I started to feel sick, my stomach turned. Was that…could it be…? No.

An image jolted into my mind of our window air conditioners, the plugs reaching all the way to the ground. And in my mind’s eye I saw that we were literally sucking the life out of the earth. The thrumming was her pulse. I looked outside and just saw the trees and the leaves swaying peacefully, despite the hardships we impose upon her. That’s when I decided, it’s time for solar.

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