Remember to Love Each Other- Ed Viel

Our first guest blog...I didn't think I would allow men on this blog, but my husband has been just as outraged as me on the absolutely surreal law passed in Texas this week, and I want to encourage men to speak out and speak up. Plus, feminine power is inclusive, isn't it? Which is different from patriarchy. Men have been afraid of women since the absurd idea that we were cut from a rib was penned, and this is a modern day witch hunt. Thanks to Ed for sharing thoughts, and please add any thoughts or resources for supporting the women of Texas in the comments below!

"There are times when things are so outright scary and wrong that to not speak is a failure. Regardless of my personal feelings about abortion, the new Texas law should have everyone alarmed. Hotlines set up to report people, no allowance for victims of rape or incest. An attacker can now victimize their victim even further by reporting and even suing them if they have an abortion. Never mind domestic abusers being able to torment someone that leaves them. There are also all the reasons that are so sad for a parent to go through such as having a fetus that will have a terminal genetic disease or someone being reported that actually has a miscarriage. NH legislatures recently passed a ‘medical freedom’ bill to not allow mandating the Covid vaccine. In it, this sentence appears “natural, essential and inherent right to bodily integrity, free from any threat or compulsion by government to accept an immunization.” Yet amazingly when it comes to women’s bodies, laws are often passed instead of leaving medical decisions to doctors and patients.

Last tangent, we have finally ended a decades long war, which cost trillions of dollars and countless lives. The country we left is in no better shape now than it was years ago. Many enriched themselves in this via government military contracts. It is those left behind and those families that sacrificed all either through death of a loved one or the mental trauma that comes from war that paid the most. Be angry. Be angry at the poor withdrawal of troops. Be angry at the political “leaders” that put us there and kept us there. Be angry at those that profited off our military losses and the civilians of both sides. Be angry but don’t forget to speak up and not because Fox or CNN told you to. Use your minds and critically think, then write to your representatives. Do this for our daughters, sons and all the children not just here but all over the world. And remember to love each other."

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