Redwood Wisdom

They’ve been around since the age of the dinosaurs. Some of these elders alive today are 2,000 years old, meaning they were alive during the Roman Empire. They could tell the actual tales of the wisps and legends we can only read about. They hold the earth in place through modern day drought and mudslides. Who? The ancient redwood💚

I’m on a Mom’s trip, the first I’ve been away from my children for more than 2 nights in 5.5 years. We chose Lagunitas to share in spa time, the ocean, and forest hikes. The rental we’re at has 2 acres of pathways that wind through second growth forest, and there are beautiful altars set up to revere these ancient beauties with statues and stones and ample spots for any offering you might be moved to make after spending some time with these inspiring elders.

I spent some time alone this morning laying the the middle of a redwood “fairy ring”. They often can be found growing in circles that form a cathedral. I did some quick research and found that they have a fairly shallow root system, instead growing outward up to 100 miles. They share their elaborate root structure with offspring and even other species, the elders happy to pass on the homes that they’ve stewarded and made even more nutrient rich over time.

I laid underneath on a blanket of layers of needles that had been shed over decades and likely centuries. It smelled like the holidays and as the small branches intertw with my hair I felt held. In that spot I tried to clear my mind and the conversations we’ve been having over the past few days trying to make sense of patriarchy, wage gaps, and mental health were swirling in my mind. And the message that I did get was: LOVE. Such a simple and beautiful concept, but actually difficult to practice in every day life for me while feeling like I’m fighting “the good fight“ for women and the earth, and also maintaining much needed boundaries as an Enneagram ”2”. I think about how memes of how ridiculous the fear based rhetoric against science or care of women is what has helped me cope with new laws or people choosing to put others in danger because of mere inconvenience. How angry I get at a person strung out on drugs that breaks into a house or violates a family’s core feeling of security. Or how when I was called a “bitch” in line by an 80 year old white man when I let him know he cut the entire line I wished for him and his ignorant clan to disappear.

I’m not sure how to practice LOVE more while still being acutely aware and empathetic, but I’m going to try it out. As I look closely at the elaborate root system and not easily being able to discern between the earth and the redwood, the reminder became clear that we are indeed all one🌿

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